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"I'm so full of love it deeply sickens me..."
let's get fucked up and die...
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16th-Jul-2006 02:31 am(no subject)
I'm back kitty kats.  After suffering and pouting, staring at my computer and begging it to  go online, and spending a tedious hour and a half at Sasktel, I now have the intersnex again. Huzzah.

So update like woah.

Things here are seemingly okay.  I moved back into Saskatoon, which means Taco Time is only five minutes away, not fourty five.  Looking for a job AGAIN to escape the evil empire of Burger King.  Cross your fingers for me that West49 or CDPlus will hire me, pwease?

Next week brings a road trip to Calgary with Lacey face.  I'm totally excited.  We're both of legal drinking age in the land of Alberta, which means lots of drunken fun.  Plus, the WARPED FUCKING tour.  Yes.  Hello Alexisonfire and Moneen.

The 27th also brings my 19th birthday.  Which means, legal drinking age and free drinks courtesy of my lovelies.  It should be fun.  Besides, my Lindsay offered to get me a tattoo for my birthday.  No lies.  I thinks me getting the heartskull now.  How amazingly is that?
So I print off 30 cover letters, and resumes and staple them all together before I realize that I spelt the word REFERENCE wrong (I missed an 'e'). Goddamnit. Lousy Microsoft. I don't care, if someone doesn't hire me because I spelt reference wrong, then so be it.

Looking for jobs = Ewwww.

Moving out will be nice though. I've sought refuge in my parent's basement for the past week, and done nothing but sleep and watch DVDs. It was nice to have a little vacation, but now I'm ready to climb the walls. I don't live well in small town Saskatchewan, I miss my takeout food, CD stores, and all night 7-11s.

A new job means new moolah as well, so I'm excited to sign myself up for a new tattoo the next chance I get. I'm just trying to find an appropriate place to put the words "Let's Get Fucked Up and Die". Hmmmzah...

Well that and Bright Eyes tickets. Mmmmmmmmm Le Conor.

Ah, the Cure. Soo goood.

I'm bored. Bored. Bored. And hyper at 4 am. WTF?
I swear to bog the only two things keeping me sane at this point is the countdown to move out (May 1st!), and the Jimmy Eat World album "Futures".

This mother fucker is now Friend's Only.. 'Cause I said so. That is all. Blam blam!
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